Remaining FOCOLU Summer Camps and Events

July 16-22 – Confirmation Camp at Rainbow Trail

August 6th – August 11th Confirmation Camp at Sky Ranch

August 15th – Water World for all ages.

August 27th – Confirmation Faire and Orientation at OSLC.  4pm.

September 6th – 1st night of Confirmation and Sr. High Youth Group

September 10th – Rally Day at all 4 Congregations

September 16th – Affirmation of Baptism Dinner of Honor at OSLC

September 17th – Affirmation of Baptism Services at each congregation

September 23rd – Reformation Celebration for all ages at Trinity

September 29-October 1 – Coyote Howl Confirmation Retreat at Sky Ranch

October 8th – Adult Leader Training at Our Saviour’s – 12pm – 3:30pm.

Summer Camps –
To let us (FOCOLU staff) know if you will be joining us at camp this summer please follow this link to sign up:

Confirmation Camp at Rainbow Trail:
July 16-22 at Rainbow Trail is a great week of camp! Join one or more of the pastors for the week and experience community, grace, scripture, and more together!

FOCOLU Mountaineers Camp at Sky Ranch: August 6-11 is another opportunity for camp! Join one or more of the pastors at Sky Ranch for the week of bible study, grace, community, and more!

All Ages Camp at Sky Ranch: August 6-11 is an opportunity for kids of all ages to go to camp! 

Water World – August 16th

Join us August 16th as we join Our Saviour’s for their annual water world trip. Please sign up below and make payments to Our Saviour’s before the 16th. Cost is $30 at group rate and individual congregations may sponsor part of their members costs. Please plan to bring lunch or money for lunch. Each youth age 15 and under needs to have a designated adult with on the trip

Confirmation Orientation Faire

August 27th, 4pm @Our Saviour’s

We are asking all FOCOLU Confirmation Youth to join us for a sign up faire. We will have sign ups(camp, retreats, gathering, courses), information for the year, payments, course descriptions, schedules, and any other forms needed.

Coyote Howl Confirmation Retreat 

At Sky Ranch – September 29 – Oct 1st – $135

Coyote Howl creates sacred space for confirmation students to build upon a foundation, which will travel back with them to their home congregations. Coyote Howl offers community building, Bible study, worship and fellowship with youth from throughout the Rocky Mountain Synod. Alongside our dynamic, energetic and passionate staff, your youth will explore the way that God is at work in their individual communities along with how their connection to one another essentially shapes their journey of faith.

FoCoLu: A Youth Ministry Partnership of ELCA Congregations in Fort Collins, Colorado